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Do you ever find yourself staring forlornly at the Ping Pong table in your garage at 3am, wanting to bat a table tennis ball about but feeling that it might be a bit antisocial to wake up your neighbor for a quick knockabout? It’s your lucky day. Robopong is a robot that’ll fire up to 200 table tennis balls at you.

It’s heavily configurable – you can adjust the angle, speed and frequency of the barrage, and it comes with a remote control that lets you adjust these variables from the comfort of your side of the table. This isn’t just a toy either – Yiyong Fan (the #2 table tennis player in the US) uses machines built by the same company in his practice sessions.

Also, if you’re finding that you burn through the 200 ball capacity too quickly, then you can pick up a kit that’ll transform your robot into one that’ll automatically pick up balls and recycle them, allowing you to play until you collapse to the floor with exhaustion.

There’s even a fantastic video of a lonely Ping Ponger on the Robopong website. It will set you back £599 when it’s released.

(Via Ubergizmo)

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