Gyration Air Mouse launching in the UK



Movea has announced that its Gyration Air Mouse, which allows control of a PC both with and without a flat surface to work on, is coming soon to the UK.

When you’ve a desk in front of you, its laser-guided precision tracking works just like a normal mouse. However, when you’re away from your desk, or feel like waving something around in the air while actually getting something useful done, its MotionSense technology provides precise in-air motion tracking. Giving the mouse quick flicks with the wrist can advance presentations, control multimedia, start and stop effects, change audio volume or TV channel, and more.

All this wavy goodness can control a PC from up to 100 feet away, thanks to proprietary radio frequency technology. It works fully with Windows systems, and partially with others including OS X (apparently the right button doesn’t work on OS X… how ironic).

When I first heard about the mouse, I wondered if it might float along the desk by some miraculous hovercraft-like mechanism, but sadly it doesn’t. Hats off to anyone who decides to build something like that, though.

This altogether tamer model (yes, we can all wave things about in the air, thanks) will sell for £69.99 when it launches (ha ha) in October.

Gyration UK

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