Logitech celebrates its billionth mouse


logitech-billionth-mouse.jpgThe humble computer mouse has come a long way since the Sixties when it was first demonstrated, and though some believe that the advent of touchscreens and other new innovations mark the demise of it, Logitech doesn’t think so.

Today it has announced that it has shipped its billionth mouse, and is looking forward to bringing out more innovating mouse-based input devices in the future.

Logitech’s president and CEO, Gerald P Quindlen, said that the company’s MX Air and diNovo Mini hinted at what the company has in store.

“While the traditional mouse and keyboard still make the most sense for productivity, the emergence of the digital home and new forms of entertainment are opening the doors to new ways of interacting with the computer, whether it be voice, touch or something entirely new,” he said.

Despite all the latest innovations of mouse gear, I still think back nostalgically to cleaning the fluff from an old-fashioned mouse’s trackball and wheels. I used to be able to waste a whole morning at work doing that before these new-fangled laser mice arrived.

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Andy Merrett
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