Next-gen Vuzix VR glasses will be unveiled at CES


You might remember Vuzix from the VR920s that I reviewed back in October. They were bulky, unresponsive, and difficult to configure. These, however, look like a different kettle of fish. Specifically, a kettle of fish shaped like a pair of really nice sunglasses.

As well as the design getting a massive kick up the arse, the new glasses should also feature improved screens with considerably better immersiveness than the older model. The glasses unveiled at CES will be the non-interactive ‘watch-videos-on-your-ipod’ version, but here’s hoping that an interactive gaming model like the VR920 will be released shortly after with the necessary built-in accelerometers.

(via Gadget Lab)

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Apple patents 'winter-friendly' touchscreen gloves


Apple has decided to apply for a patent on a means of using a multi-touch device with gloves. Traditional gloves block the electrical impulses from your skin, meaning that a capacitive touchscreen doesn’t get any signal when your mittened hand touches it.

You might be thinking ‘how can you patent a product that’s already on the market?’, but the difference here is that the fingertips of the unconductive outer layer can be drawn back to reveal a more conductive inner layer. Apple suggests this could be accomplished with an elastic ring.

Apple’s patent application (via AppleInsider)

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ZlideOn solves all your zip-related problems


Got an old coat, rucksack, or perhaps a gimp suit, that you can no longer wear because the zip’s broken off? ZlideOn has the answer. It’s an awesome zip replacement that comes in two halves, which you just snap together over the zip’s teeth. Instantly your PVC catsuit is back in action.

These nifty things will sell for about $9 (six quid or so) and are available now.

ZipClip (via RedFerret)

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LimbGear Noggin Net skullcap and earbuds – not religious or ethnic in any way

When I first read that LimbGear was releasing an mp3-enabled skullcap, I pictured a niche market of rockin’ rabbis. Sorry to disappoint but that is not the case.

Apparently “skullcap” is an Americanism for a beanie type hat and the one of note today is the Noggin Net. But that just made me think of Latino gangsters. Again, this was a mistake. With the benefit of the image above, we can see that it’s a normal hat with a little pocket clearly market for mp3 player…

Casio Pro Trek 1500 – tells the time, the temp, the tides and something about the Moon


I love a good watch. Well, sort of. I actually hate them. Never wear them. Just plain don’t like the feeling round my wrist, which is why I’ve just spent £120 on one but that’s a matter for another time.

The fact is that watches are probably the all time classic gadget long before the advent of the mobile phone. So, how does the new Casio Pro Trek 1500 measure up? Well, let’s start at the beginning. It looks good. It looks like the kind of watch…

Pacific Outdoors Deluxe Boot and Glove Dryer (White)


Highly unenvironmentally friendly yet totally ace – the Pacific Outdoors Deluxe Boot and Glove Dryer (White) will be the first gadget against the wall come the eco-revolution but in the mean time will get wet footware dry in time for the second outing of the day.

They work by convection…

Etre Touchy gadget gloves – good gift, bit of a con


Those looking for the kind of relatively inexpensive Christmas present to get you off the hook need look no further then the Etre Touchy gadget gloves.

Not quite fingerless and not complete either, this bastard knitware creation is designed to give you access to your mp3 players and, yes, most specifically your multitouch iPhone…

Ardica Portable Power – warmth and charging on the go


This is quite nifty – a company called Ardica have created a combo gadget that simultaneously charges your gadgets and warms your cockles. They’re calling it a “portable power and heating system”. Basically, it’s a wearable power pack.

You’ll need a “compatible” jacket to take advantage of the heating. That’s the first time I’ve ever worried about whether my jacket is “compatible” with anything before. You’ll get 3 hours of high heat out of it, and 8.6 hours of low heat. They reckon the device will provide heat up to 100 degrees, which i’m hoping is Fahrenheit, rather than Celsius. Or Kelvin, for that matter…