Casio Pro Trek 1500 – tells the time, the temp, the tides and something about the Moon


Casio-pro-trek-1500.jpgI love a good watch. Well, sort of. I actually hate them. Never wear them. Just plain don’t like the feeling round my wrist, which is why I’ve just spent £120 on one but that’s a matter for another time.

The fact is that watches are probably the all time classic gadget long before the advent of the mobile phone. So, how does the new Casio Pro Trek 1500 measure up? Well, let’s start at the beginning. It looks good. It looks like the kind of watch MacGyver might own and later cannibalize to make something he needs to survive, possibly another watch.

It’s not an Omega but then most people don’t have a couple of grand to burn on a clock. Instead pay £195 and get a watch with a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and 200m water resistance.

The PRW-1500-1VER, the technical name of this model, has also been blessed with tide graphs and Moon age data. I have no idea what Moon age data is but according to Wikipedia it’s 4.527 billion years old give or take 0.1 billion years, so that’s that one solved.

All in all, £195 sounds like a bit of a bargain for this Casio. I didn’t spend much less on my new watch and all that does is glow in the dark. Oh well.

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