Watches made from fragments of Moon rock!


I’d feel a little jealous if my apparel had been places I hadn’t but when we’re talking about a watch made of Moon dust, I might make an exception.

For all we know, Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome could be stuffing his expensive timepieces with sand from his local long jump pit but, so long as I believe hype, I’d feel pretty swish walking about telling people my watch comes from outer space, but the fun doesn’t just end there, oh no.

See, this particular item is part of the Moon Dust-DNA collection which ranges from $15,000 to $500,000. The value for money, if that can exist when spending half a million Yanky Dollar on a watch, comes in when considering that each one is made of bits and pieces of the Apollo 11 mission as well as the Moon itself.

Steel from the shuttle makes up the case, fibres from the space suits worn on the ISS are used for the strap and, of course, the face is Moon rock with the dials like little lunar craters, only ones that count seconds and stuff.

They’ll be 1969 made to commemorate the year which the one small step for man occurred and I’ll bet you’ll never see anyone wearing one. Don’t worry. Nor will I.

(via Born Rich)

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