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These are the rather disappointing Vuzix iWear gaming glasses. Sure, they make you look like Geordi LaForge, but that’s the only upside, because they don’t install right on Vista 64, don’t calibrate properly, and don’t recognise that I’ve got my games on another partition in XP.

Vuzix, to their credit, are being very responsive about the problems that I had, and have invited me to try out a pair that have been properly configured and work, to see what the experience is actually like in game. I’m going to go, to see, so keep an eye out for followup posts, but I’m a firm believer that if you buy something, it should work out of the box. Not have to be configured for you.

They’ve told me that (1) they’ve updated the software since I tried the glasses, which fixes one problem. (2) It doesn’t play nice with widescreen monitors, and (3) it doesn’t like it when things aren’t in the default install directories (though again, a software update has alleviated this).

When I get a chance to try them out again, properly configured, I will, and I’ll report back with what the experience is like. Keep your eyes peeled.


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  • I’ve tried out the new glasses and they work really well! I’d suggest giving them another try.

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