Suspected T-Mobile marketing stunt closes Liverpool Street station

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flash-mob-liverpool-street.jpgIf your journey home last Friday involved traversing Liverpool Street station, you might have had some trouble. The London station was forced to close for an hour and a half, from 7pm, due to an 11,000-strong flash mob mimicking T-Mobile’s recent adverts featuring silent dancers.

The station and surrounding area became so packed that police were called to disperse the crowds and get dancers down from various bits of station furniture. This morning, the Facebook group which arranged the whole thing was messages suggesting that the station was too crowded to dance properly, and that peoples’ music couldn’t be heard over the screaming.

Those responsible have promised another event “soon”, and there’s a similar stunt, with different organisers, planned for another London station on 10th February. Will you attend? Did you go to this one? Let us know in the comments.

Liverpool St Station Silent Dance (via vnunet)

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  • Your so grumpy. Geeze. The messages above are such extreme over-reactions. There were loads of people dancing in a train station, its something to get excited about, not moan. And the insults, Im guessing your adults from your aggressive and frumpy tones. And how do you not find the fact that so many people managed to get organized to do this impressive. 11,000 people in one place dancing. Come on.

  • Cost me in taxis too.

    Selfish, ignorant c**ts. If these people have nothing better to do than disrupt people, at least have the decency to jump on the tracks and get your fcukwit arses off this planet. It’s a waste of time, resources and effort.

  • Maybe Boris Johnson’s shutting down of London last Monday was just a Facebook (Cupid) stunt?

  • Yeah … I missed my last train – £35 taxi fare.

    The powers that be at L’pool St have a lot to answer for.

    Encouraging flashmobbing on their property
    Unable to deal with the numbers
    Not wanring their customers in advance
    Keeping the trains running even thought the station was closed.


    • 1) Encourage? Hardly! FLASHMOB…means they didn’t see it coming!

      2) Unable to deal with the numbers? There’s a surprise! Would you “be able to deal with the numbers” if just 1000 people unexpectedly turned up at your house?

      3) Again, FLASHMOB…how the fuck do you warn people in advance?

      4) Der…the trains still have to go somewhere, or do you expect them to all stop at Liverpool Street and not give a fuck about the rest of the country?

      5) No, clearly from your attitude and unreasonable demands, you are.

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