Celebrity Twitter user Stephen Fry in LIVE LIFT TRAP SENSATION

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stephen-fry-lift-trapped-twitter-pic.jpgStephen Fry, who has gone from obscure advert voice-over man and trainee Peter Ustinov to become the WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS PERSON thanks to his embracing of the tech world and Twitter in particular, has, once again, done it.

He got stuck in a lift.

Fortunately, there was a mobile signal available in the Centrepoint building’s accommodating shaft, so Fry was able to update his rabid, slavering Twitter fans on his confinement status via his phone. Fry’s 110,000+ followers went berserk, as the newly-crowned geek king posted words and a couple of photos from his impromptu cell.

“I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point. Hell’s teeth. We could be here for hours. Arse, poo and widdle.” was the first post, with Fry managing seven Tweets about his status during his 45 minute spell in the lift.

Amazing. It’s like actually being his friend, or at least having him as a pet.

(Via Tech Central)

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