Oscars screeners appear online in six days, on average

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pirate-oscar.jpgSix days. That’s all it takes for most Oscar screeners to make it onto the internet after they’re sent out to Academy members. Andy Baio at Waxy.org has compiled a massive spreadsheet of the dates at which different films appear online.

This year, on nomination day, 23 out of 26 films were already available in DVD quality. Australia and Changeling leaked shortly after. Only one film – Rachel Getting Married – still remains unavailable at the time of writing. I suspect that the pirates are only going to see that as a challenge. Definitely check out the full list, because it’s shocking how quickly some of these movies leak.

Waxy.org (via Crunchgear)

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Duncan Geere
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One thought on “Oscars screeners appear online in six days, on average

  • When you or I have a leak, we go for the source of the leak first, to stem the tide.
    Hollywood goes jumping on puddles – not all of them, just a few, really hard, to set an example to the other puddles.
    Okay, maybe I’m taking a metaphor a little far there 😉
    But maybe they should wise up a little with send out all these DVDs and then being amazed when they wind up online!

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