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bt-myplace-location-based-news-and-adverts.jpgLaunching for the poor, embattled, snow-bound inhabitants of central London, who are currently IN CRISIS because they can’t get from Pret to Starbucks without getting a bit cold and possibly dirtying their limited edition lime green Nike Air Max 90s on the brown slush, BT MyPlace is what BT MyPlace reckons is the world’s first location-based, personal news service.

The service is co-funded by BT and Westminster Council, so is available for free whenever you’re in range of a BT Openzone hotspot in Westminster “Wireless City”. If that’s you, the “pocket concierge” service will send you all sorts of facts about your location, along with audio walking talks, guide books and restaurant tips…

The most useful part of the service sounds like the “Find My Nearest” option, which could come in dead handy when you’re staggering around the streets at 4.20am desperate of a kebab, a toilet and a subsequent understanding, non-vegetarian taxi driver to take you home.

Obviously the money-men have got a sizeable hand in this – the service, which you voluntarily fill up with details about where you go and what you like and do, will also pipe down superbly well targeted adverts from its vast range of sponsors as well as lists of train times and gigs. Plus you have to pay for some features. London’s not cheap.

(Via BT MyPlace)

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