ECCENTRIC BRITISH HEROES: Neil Laughton driving/flying his Skycar from London to Timbuktu

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neil-laughton-skycar.jpgAdventurer and after-dinner speaker Neil Laughton’s customised dune buggy can fly. So he’s going to fly it – taking off from London this Wednesday, and landing/rolling up in Timbuktu approximately 42 days later.

The buggy comes with a detachable ParaWing (parachute/aerofoil thing) and has a fan on the back of it, allowing it to take off into the sky when it hits 45mph – and it can then cruise at 70mph at a possible and terrifying maximum altitude of 15,000 feet.

Neil’s car can fly for 180 miles before needing to be refuelled, and there’s a good chance that, should the mission be a success and nobody loses any of their eyes or legs, the Skycar will actually go on sale to suitably fearless and eccentric members of the public – at a price of around £50k.

(Via BBC)

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