ECCENTRIC BRITISH HEROES: Neil Laughton driving/flying his Skycar from London to Timbuktu


Adventurer and after-dinner speaker Neil Laughton’s customised dune buggy can fly. So he’s going to fly it – taking off from London this Wednesday, and landing/rolling up in Timbuktu approximately 42 days later.

The buggy comes with a detachable ParaWing (parachute/aerofoil thing) and has a fan on the back of it, allowing it to take off into the sky when it hits 45mph – and it can then cruise at 70mph at a possible and terrifying maximum altitude of 15,000 feet…

Shiny Video Review: Pink Fly Mobile SLT 100 and SL399E handsets

Ok, so it *might* be pink, but judging by the amount of entries I’ve been receiving from women the past week I’ve been running our Christmas give-aways, we have a lot more female readers than first thought. Don’t start expecting pink fluffy iPod covers girls, but I’ll indulge you in these two new mobiles from Fly.

Both handsets are available from Virgin…