Video Review: Fly SL500i budget phone from Argos

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Our slightly pink-tinged sister, Shiny Shiny, got Zara review the new Fly SL500i budget phone from Argos. Pick it up for £39.99 from Argos. Might have to battle through the hordes of chavs and Vicky Pollards though, so ensure you take that battle axe!

Fly SL500i at Argos

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • i think this fone is briliant value all the features as any other expensive overated phone i brought mine from argos and i hae to say i already have 11 phones and i seem to have an addiction but i think it is well worth it i have the pink one =] there cute !

  • You can also get a phone EXTREEMLY similar to this called the tr1 by orange this phone has a expandable memory slot (micro sd) so you can expand the memory for the mp3 player. It is based on a phone called touch 7 by a company called emblaze.

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