Think Geek's cellphone signal extender gives you bars when you are lacking

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thinkgeekmobile.jpg I’m sure most people have had calls drop on them occasionally when in their house, whether that be due to tin roofs, interference from other electrical goods, or down to you living out in the sticks, far removed from civilisation (and a telephone pylon).

Think Geek are selling a ‘cellphone signal extender’ which, if you mount near a window and then run the coax cable to the base booster unit, you can get around 2,500 square feet of signal area apparently. Yes, I am aware I just said ‘cellphone’ and not ‘mobile phone’, but as this product is selling in the US – at either $249.99 or $359.99 depending on which model you choose – I better conform to please our cousins over the pond. And drink a strong cup of tea to cleanse me after that terminology.

Think Geek’s cellphone signal extender

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