Forget the features; mobile users just want good reception, research says

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mobile.pngResearch carried out by the Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience (FAME) amongst 15,000 mobile phone users across 37 countries has concluded that what they want more than fancy, complicated features is decent voice reception.

The number one complaint from mobile users was “function fatigue”. Too many features, coupled with poor explanations of how they work, are the reason.

“Pain begins at point-of-purchase as users see lack of demos, product knowledge and slow service,” concluded the report.

This might sound like bad news for the mobile manufacturers, who are keen to push ever more features and functions into their handsets, but then again, we all love getting phones with the greatest features on, even if we end up only using 10% of them.

The survey was partially funded by Palm, who would no doubt tell us that their devices are very eaasy to use.

Other mobile irritations raised in the survey included the cost of service, poor battery life, and dropped calls.

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