MSN Soapbox video sharing service enters public beta

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soapbox.gifMicrosoft’s would-be-YouTube video service Soapbox that we first mentioned in September last year has now entered public beta testing.

Though reckons it’s only supposed to work on Internet Explorer and not Firefox (presumably on a PC), I’ve been able to watch videos using Camino on a Mac (shock!) Whether every piece of functionality is available is another matter – I was briefly stunned after watching a bizarre user-generated Soapbox-love video and didn’t dare delve any further.


Despite the MSN branding (when I thought everything was going Live), the site looks pretty good. Different to YouTube, it’s possible to watch and browse videos from the same screen.

Will Microsoft make a success of it? Only the users will decide. Potential? Yes. Originality? Hardly.

MSN Soapbox

Andy Merrett
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