Mobile users become contortionists in bid to improve signal strength

Mobile phones

According to the zBoost Cell Phone Signal Survey, mobile phone users aren’t shy about doing weird things and getting themselves into strange positions for the sake of improving their signal.

69% of mobile phone users who made phone calls at home say they’ve missed or dropped calls thanks to poor signal reception or dead zones in their home, and 62 said they’d done something special to improve their signal reception.

Fairly ordinary responses you’d expect include going outside (46%), standing by a window (42%), or using their landline phone instead (30%).

Of course, there are always the wacky ones. We have no way of knowing whether these are genuine, or not, but they make for entertaining reading nonetheless.

Verbatim responses included:

* “Stood in the closet with the light off”
* “Stand in my daughter’s room touching the chain from her ceiling fan”
* “Stand on higher things like a couch or chair”
* “Stood by metal [stuff]”
* “Lay perfectly still without moving”
* “Run back and forth”
* “Moved my arm around”
* “Held my head at a funny angle”
* “Gone upstairs”
* “Hang out the window”
* “Kept moving my cell phone until I got a signal…and ended up pulling a matrix move as I tried to keep the signal”

Not surprisingly, zBoost offer a range of products that are supposed to improve indoor cell phone signal strength. Still, some of those contortions sound quite fun.

Andy Merrett
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