Bloodhound Super Sonic Car to go over 1000mph


bloodhound-ssc.jpgA team from the UK is looking to set the new land speed record and break the 1,000 mph barrier in the process. The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car will be driven by Wing Commander Andy Green, probably a good thing because at a top speed of 1,050mph, it’ll also be passing what is considered to be normal velocity for low flying aircraft.

Andy was the pilot of the current record holding craft, Thrust SSC, at 763mph back in 1997, and he’ll be flooring it along, most likely, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada around Mach 1.4 in four years time.

If he and and fellow recording holding team boss Richard Noble succeed, it’ll be the largest jump in the record ever and, frankly, I’m not surprised given it’s not far off 50% faster. To give you some kind of perspective, Mach 1.4 is, as the name suggests, 1.4 times faster than the speed of sound, even quicker than a bullet coming out of a handgun. It’s around 476m/s.

Were there a straight road between London and Edinburgh, you could manage it in under 20 minutes at that speed; Beijing would take you less than five hours and you’d make it to the shops a little faster than usual too.

Bloodhound will use jet, rocket and piston power to propel its12.8m, 6,400kg body to 1,050mph in just 40 seconds and probably make Wing Commander Andy look like Les Dawson in the process.

Looking forward to the footage of this one and try not to pick the Labour Day weekend, chaps. The Black Rock Desert is the same location as the Burning Man festival. They’d crush the whole thing before they even saw it.

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  • To be honest 1000mph is beyond stupid – leave it to the planes – jets have a lot less stuff to crash into!

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