Panasonic rescuing the reputation of plasma TVs – thinner, more efficient models on the way


panasonic-thinner-effieicnet-plasma-tvs.jpgPoor old plasma TVs, which have long been tagged as the energy-sucking, gas-guzzlers of the lounge, might be about to have their reputations saved – thanks to Panasonic’s new range.

Panasonic reckons it’s managed to get the energy consumption of a standard plasma TV down by HALF – a move which it’s hoping will boost sales of its TVs by 50% over the coming year, as modern energy-aware shoppers start paying a bit more attention to the numbers on the back of boxes when they buy stuff.

As for the all-important depth issue, Panasonic says it’ll be revealing a plasma range that’s one inch thick, with screen sizes at 50″ and 54″ – and ready for sale in Japan this April. We’ll be back with model numbers and specs as soon as Panasonic firms things up a bit.

(Via Reuters)

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