EU's knee-jerk anti-plasma campaign could lead to total ban and more sensationalist tech headlines


plasma-electricity.jpgEveryone knows that, in general, large TVs consume more electricity than small ones, but it seems that EU bureaucrats are just turning themselves on to the idea of banning plasma TVs because they’re not energy efficient.

The yawn-inducing title attributed to plasma sets is “the 4×4 of the living room” (I reported this over at HDTVUK two years ago) because it’s easy to lump them all together as electricity guzzlers.

Sweeping generalisations reported in the mainstream press include such gems as “they use up to four times as much electricity and are responsible for up to four times as much carbon dioxide as traditional cathode ray tube sets.” The clue is in those two words — “up to” — which, just as when applied to your flagging broadband connection, can cover a huge range of values.

In fact, some LCD screens consume a huge amount of power, while TV manufacturers have been working hard to make their tellies – including plasma sets – more energy efficient. There’s also the issue of getting Europeans off their fat bottoms for a few hours each day to go and get some exercise (switching the TV off first, of course). Oops, is that a bit of a generalisation?

In reality, it’s just inefficient TVs that could face a ban, but as many people buy a large flat-panel TV and expect it to have a long lifespan, there’ll be a lot of big, inefficient tellies around for quite some time to come. At least it saves on the heating bill.

Check out HDTVUK’s eight tips for buying a more eco-friendly HDTV for practical things to look out

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One thought on “EU's knee-jerk anti-plasma campaign could lead to total ban and more sensationalist tech headlines

  • I have been selling Flat TV for almost 10 years. We have a specialty store selling only quality products and few brands because of service and knowledge. The facts is:

    1) Plasma last longer 100.000 hours. LCD 60.000 hours. ECO anybody.
    2) People who bought LCD 32″ 5 years ago, all wants a bigger TV. People who selected Plasma ALREADY from day one had the big size. ECO anybody.
    3) Customers are generally more satisfied with Plasma – We have alot of complaints from customers who has bigger LCD. The are giving them headace after 4 hours of viewing. Bottom facts Plasma has a way better picture, and your eyes don’t get tired!
    4) When customers have kids and animals, we have no complaint abount Plasma solid´nes.LCD are way more fragile. Not all humans have cleaning lifestyles and homes. A LCD screen always looks like crap after 2 years…ECO anybody.
    5) You can DESIDE by your self how much power a plasma screen should use. Just turn down the contrast. All the japanees models have had eco functions for the last 4 years. (cinema mode!)

    It should bee the other way around. LCD should be banned from a pro reseller point of view. They do not as last long (no waste)- people change lcd more often than plasma, because they bought them to small, and now they buy them big, but the picture is awfull, and can not beat Plasma (waste). Plasma has been 42″ from day one ! Stupid EU suckers

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