Skype 4 for Windows now available

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skype-4-windows-video-chat-screehshot.jpgSkype has just announced “the most distinctive new release” of its communications software for Windows.

Version four claims to offer far better full screen video calling as well as optimising itself depending upon your PCs specifications. Those with at least a dual core processor, fast broadband connection and Skype-certified video webcam can get up to 30fps high quality video.

More importantly for many will be improved audio quality. Thanks to a new codec, there’s wideband audio quality but using 50% less bandwidth than in previous versions. There’s even super wideband audio for those with compatible headsets and fast broadband.

Other improvements, based upon the feedback of users, include a new “Conversations tab” for keeping track of multiple conversations, plus a choice of two views and setting of preferred communication method.

It’s available to download right now.

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One thought on “Skype 4 for Windows now available

  • The worst interface Skype has ever had, many missing feature over 3.8. Go read the forums and see all the complaints about the new design.

    Yes the new audio and video codex’s are good but they could just as well incorporated them in 3.8 instead of the new botched interface.

    Do not upgrade, Skype will wake up and see they messed up this version.

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