BT MyPlace – personalised location-based news, with a shedload of buzzwords and adverts


Launching for the poor, embattled, snow-bound inhabitants of central London, who are currently IN CRISIS because they can’t get from Pret to Starbucks without getting a bit cold and possibly dirtying their limited edition lime green Nike Air Max 90s on the brown slush, BT MyPlace is what BT MyPlace reckons is the world’s first location-based, personal news service.

The service is co-funded by BT and Westminster Council, so is available for free whenever you’re in range of a BT Openzone hotspot in Westminster “Wireless City”. If that’s you, the “pocket concierge” service will send you all sorts of facts about your location, along with audio walking talks, guide books and restaurant tips…

Forward-thinking police combating potential terrorism via Google Adsense


London’s Metropolitan Police Service has thought up a great way to spend a bit more money – advertising for super-grasses via Google’s ubiquitous Adsense text ad system.

The advert, spotted by a blogger and pictured to the left there, encourages web browsers to report any “Right Wing Extremists” they know to the authorities, while clicking on the ad’s text link takes you to the Met’s anti-terror home page, where you’re advised in a bit more detail what to do if you think your mate is running a bomb factory out of his studio flat in New Cross. Here’s how The Met says you can spot a terrorist…

The European Union is investigating the Yahoo/Google ad sales deal – anti-trust action on the way?


The EU is getting angry again – and looking daggers the way of Yahoo and Google. Transatlantic daggers. Intercontinental ballistic daggers.

The bureaucratic RAGE is thanks to the two companies and their deal to sell Google ads on Yahoo in the US and Canada – a right old stitch-up which…

Apple's iPhone adverts debuted last night on CBS, see them here!

I promise this’ll be the last mention of Apple on this here blog – to think, I call myself a worshipper at the temple of Gates! However I couldn’t not show you the three ads for iPhone which debuted yesterday during CBS’s 60 Minutes in the US, which Andy mentioned earlier. This first one is titled ‘Never Been An iPod’, with the second and third below the jump. Enjoy…you’ve only got 25 days left of jonesing. But remember folks – don’t go buying it at an Apple store now, you hear us? Rather, hear Mr. Jobs?…