The European Union is investigating the Yahoo/Google ad sales deal – anti-trust action on the way?

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eu-anti-trust-google-yahoo.jpgThe EU is getting angry again – and looking daggers the way of Yahoo and Google. Transatlantic daggers. Intercontinental ballistic daggers.

The bureaucratic RAGE is thanks to the two companies and their deal to sell Google ads on Yahoo in the US and Canada – a right old stitch-up which will result in the two owning around 80% of the online advertising market.

Even though the companies are US based, they both do a sizeable amount of business in Europe, hence the EU launching the inquiry – which could lead to a full-on anti-trust investigation, the likes of which is usually reserved for Microsoft.

You’ve been reading European Anti-Trust Regulation Enforcement Digest. I’m Gary Cutlack. Hopefully I’ll be back later on with something a bit lighter about a funny video Bill Gates has made.

(Via BBC)

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