We have the apps, the iPad covers, the network upgrades and the ads – the Royal Wedding is here!

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Are you excited about the event of the year tomorrow? Or are you planning to retire to a dark room with a cool cloth over your eyes until it all goes away?

While on the fence regarding the above options for tomorrow, we’re going to allow ourselves a moment of royal dazzle here at TechDigest. Because when there are things like custom-made royal wedding iPad covers out there, like the below from Wrappers (here), it’s hard not to smile. Fit for a king, isn’t it!


And then there’s things like the free ITN Royal Wedding app (here), which will keep you abreast with all the news from the big day. If that doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d be interested in, you may be surprised to hear that one out of three of us have actually downloaded an app related to tomorrow’s festivities. If you doubt this statistic because you don’t know anyone who has done this (or who will admit to having done this, we should say), this is because most people who have done so have downloaded two apps each.


This little nugget comes from a survey from My Voucher Codes, which says that apparently people do it because they want ‘something to remember [the wedding] by’ … okay then. Even the chairman of the group which carried out the study, Mark Pearson, expressed surprise at the high interest in Royal Wedding apps:

“I am quite surprised at the number of people that have downloaded Royal Wedding apps. I didn’t think that many smartphone owners would be all that interested in them.

Mobile network upgrades
Mobile network operators have spent weeks preparing for the big days by boosting their networks to cope with what they expect to be a big day for mobiles. Especially in areas around the wedding venues are messages, tweets and browsing expected to be heavy in demand, so extra masts have gone up from several network operators.

O2 and Vodafone have said they are installing temporary mobile masts in London’s St James’ Park and Hyde Park, while Vodafone is boosting coverage in on Clapham Common, where the wedding will be shown on big screens.

“The royal wedding is the first real test of the network before the Olympics, but the levels of mobile data traffic have changed vastly since the last time London hosted an event this size,” George Wareing at mobile data carrier Virgin Media Business told the Daily Telegraph. BT, however, was relaxed about it all: “[We are] not expecting anything more than slight congestion due to the increased demands placed upon resources, not unlike New Year”.


Wedding website
The more interested among us should keep a close eye on the Royal Wedding website – http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/ – latest there right now we have a list of which music will be played at various stages of the procession. We were sad to find East 17’s ‘House of Love’ does not feature on the official list, after a mobile company so wonderfully put together a mock wedding video where royal lookalikes dance to the track.

Prince Harry certainly approves of the ad, as he has posted it on his Facebook page (watch it here). After all, One’s Life Is For Sharing.

Our best wishes for the future, Wills and Kate!

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