We use our phones everywhere now, even in the loo, study show



At home we usually have access to a proper computer, and you’d think that would be better for browsing, right? Not anymore. According to a study conducted by Ipsos OTX for Google, 93% of us use our smartphones to look things up even when we’re at home.

The study, which asked 5,000 US adults, found that 39% of them have used their smartphone while on the loo. 72% will use their phone while also using other media, such as watching TV.

So what are we doing, browsing away on our phones with the telly blaring in the background, or when we’re, eh, doing our business? Search engines were the most commonly visited destination when using a phone browser, the study found, and we often conclude the visit with an action such as buying something or choosing a restaurant. 95% of smartphone users will use their phones to find local information, such as the address of a nearby shop or service.

Google was probably very interested to find that a whole 82% of us notice mobile ads – and as mobile browsing is so closely linked with moving on to an action or purchase, chances are plans are being crafted. Google is already testing NFC chip technology in devices such as the Nexus S, meaning we’re not far away from being able to pay for goods with our handsets.

[via Huffington Post]

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