World of Warcraft Pod is everything the WoW addict needs to live


We’ve heard many World of Warcraft addiction stories over the years. Mainly it’s people collapsing due to not eating or sleeping, so if you have a problem, or a partner with a problem, then why not get them this?

The WoW Pod has been developed by artists Cati Vaucelle, Steve Shada, and Marisa Jahn. They describe it as an “immersive architectural solution for the advanced World of Warcraft player that provides and anticipates all of life’s needs”.

Basically, it’s a little hut with a mildly Orc-y design, that contains a kitchen, toilet/chair combo and computer to play World of Warcraft on. It’s a little more sophisticated than that, though – the kitchen interacts with the game, for starters. Just pick a meal from an in-game menu, and when it’s cooked it’ll automatically mark you as AFK while you chow down on some Crunchy Spider Surprise.


(via WoW Insider)

Japanese space researchers design handy combined toilet/underpant system

Demand a toilet AND underpants in one handy device? The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has got it covered!

The clichéd slightly wacky Japanese scientists have built the amazing below gadget, which could eliminate toilet trips for good. Poo and wee are sucked out by a pump, with a built-in washer/dryer system cleaning up the resulting mess, leaving you relaxed, fresh and dry. It’s genius. Especially if the suction pump also comes with optional ‘entertainment’ attachments.


Might not be the most comfortable thing to wear about the place, but it’ll definitely…

Save money and trees with Toshiba's eco-friendly toilet. Yes, really

toshiba-toilet.jpgToshiba? Developing eco-friendly toilets? Now that’s under the dictionary definition of ‘WTF’.

With an annual power consumption reduced by 55% compared to similar toilets, the bidet-style model from ol’ Tosh manages to be eco-friendly by instantly warming water for the bidet-functions rather than constantly keeping it warm like most bidets. Added to that, the heat loss isn’t as evident in Toshiba’s toilet…

Mister Miser thinks you deserve a folding urinal

folding-urinal.jpgI’m glad I’m writing about this folding urinal after lunch and not before, there’s nothing I hate more in this world than the aroma of urinals. An aroma which wiffs out of the mens’ toilets in bars as you walk past them to the ladies, I might hastily add. It’s not as though I spend my time checking them out. Ooh dear, I’m digging a deep hole here…

Small city flats or bathrooms more concerned with huge bathtubs than toilet space would be the perfect location…