Gloo – glow-in-the-dark urinals


Struggling to find the facilities in the middle of the night? The Gloo could be for you.

It’s a glow-in-the-dark urinal, made of moulded clear plastic and packed with coloured fibre optic plastic for that lighting effect. Great for bursting bladders, impromptu discos in the bathroom or if you fancy kitting out a trendy bar. Not so good if you have women in the house.

You can pick up a glowing Gloo for £335. A coloured plastic Gloo (without lights) sells for £217.

Philip Watts Design (via Switched On Set)

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Dave Walker
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  • Well it’s about dam time! I’ve been peeing all over the place! Saying that they should have been more inventive! Like a glow in the dark bull’s eye or a glow in the dark picture of a wall.

  • Um. That looks a little… creepy? I’m a girl, but I can imagine being drunk and seeing my toilet is glowing. Would freak me out. And probably send me home to sober up 😀

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