Save money and trees with Toshiba's eco-friendly toilet. Yes, really


toshiba-toilet.jpgToshiba? Developing eco-friendly toilets? Now that’s under the dictionary definition of ‘WTF’.

With an annual power consumption reduced by 55% compared to similar toilets, the bidet-style model from ol’ Tosh manages to be eco-friendly by instantly warming water for the bidet-functions rather than constantly keeping it warm like most bidets. Added to that, the heat loss isn’t as evident in Toshiba’s toilet due to the shape of the lid containing the heat inside.

The final feature turning the toilet into a trifecta of energy saving tricks is the timer-controlled power saving switch, which means you may get a cold bum-bum if you use the loo during the night, but hey – think of all the trees (and money!) you’re saving by having it off.

(via Tech-On)

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Katherine Hannaford
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