One in five Brit blokes use their phone on the loo

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u8_toilet-smartphoneb.jpgMagazines and videos are losing in the battle for our toilet time attention to mobile phones, a new study of 2,000 UK adults from Asda mobiles reveals.

If your mate sounds a little stressed next time you call him, it’s worth keeping in mind that the study found that one in five blokes will happily answer and make calls when sitting on the loo. Ladies were a little better, with 11% admitting to doing the same.

While obvious “phone moments” like whilst waiting in a queue (41%) or whilst watching TV (37%) account for most of the British public’s phone-using time, a cheeky 1% of the survey’s correspondents admitted to using their phones “during intimate moments”.

“For most of us, our mobile phone is rarely out of reach. From waking us up to reminding us about important events, many people rely on their mobile for a lot more than just communicating,” said David Fletcher, Asda’s phone expert

“We now take our phones almost everywhere we go – it’s no surprise that they are popping up in more unusual situations.

“The red phone booth might be disappearing from our streets but it doesn’t mean we’re not making calls – in fact quite the opposite. Everywhere is a phone booth now – the train, the bathroom, the queue.”

Gerald Lynch
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