Forward-thinking police combating potential terrorism via Google Adsense

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met-police-adsense.gifLondon’s Metropolitan Police Service has thought up a great way to spend a bit more money – advertising for super-grasses via Google’s ubiquitous Adsense text ad system.

The advert, spotted by a blogger and pictured to the left there, encourages web browsers to report any “Right Wing Extremists” they know to the authorities, while clicking on the ad’s text link takes you to the Met’s anti-terror home page, where you’re advised in a bit more detail what to do if you think your mate is running a bomb factory out of his studio flat in New Cross. Here’s how The Met says you can spot a terrorist…

“Terrorists live within our communities and blend in. However, behind closed doors they may be storing bomb making materials or meeting others to plan attacks. Are you suspicious of a property where there is unusual activity or strange comings and goings that don’t fit day-to-day life?”

The house above mine at number 27 fits that description. It’s either a terrorist cell or a brothel. I’ll wait until it’s dark and investigate.

(Via IanVisits)

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