Track Obama's inauguration day LIVE, thanks to everyone in America live-blogging like mad

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entire-population-america-live-blogging-obama-inauguration.jpgWe saw last month exactly how modern internet technology is kicking the hell out of traditional news media when it comes to on-the-spot reporting – and today’s the perfect day so see America EXPLODE in a sea of sickeningly patriotic citizen journalism.

Numerous dedicated Flickr groups have popped up to catalogue Obama’s special day, as people hanging around in Washington right at this very moment use up all their data allowance for January by uploading evocative photos of children waving flags live from the scene.

Meanwhile, if you’re under 30 and understand Twitter, the mini-blog portal has set up its own custom Obama page for keeping up with events – and our Duncan, who is young and understands Twitter, says you should also “look for hashtag #inaug09” for more.

Or you could just watch it on the telly.

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