Fool your grandchildren into thinking you were at Obama's inauguration


Unfortunately, the children of the future will be born with a filter in their brain that detects Photoshop tomfoolery, so it might only be your kids that you’re able to fool with this one. FotoFlexer has built a site that’ll let you moosh your face into Obama’s inauguration event.

Okay, you aren’t really going to be fooling anyone seriously with this, but it’s fun for five minutes, and a good marketing stunt by FotoFlexer. Go shop yourself into the inauguration here.

My Inaugural Photo (via TechCrunch)

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Inauguration 2.0 – Presidents' speeches broken down into tag clouds


You can tell it’s the 21st Century. The good folks over at ReadWriteWeb have broken down the full text of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech yesterday into a tag cloud using The results are interesting – “nation” and “new” come out on top. Click for embiggening.

Just for fun, they’ve also analysed the speeches of Bush in 2005, Clinton in 1999, Reagan in 1981 and Lincoln in 1861 and 1865. You can see the clouds after the jump, but it’s quite interesting to see how much Bush relied on the word ‘freedom’ Reagan on ‘government’ and Lincoln on ‘constitution’ first, and then ‘war’.

Watching the inauguration from space


Watching the inauguration yesterday from the ground, it was almost impossible to get a proper sense of scale of the proceedings. It was clear it was massive, but how massive? Well, click the image above to get a bird’s eye view of the scene in Washington from 681km up in the atmosphere.

You see those brown blobs? Those are massive crowds of people. Millions, in fact. The image is courtesy of Google’s (well, it’s not really theirs) GeoEye-1 satellite. More awesome satellite images over the break.

TOP 10 TUESDAY: Barack Obama novelty gadgets

Come on. How was I going to let today's Top 10 Tuesday pass without theming it President Elect Barack Obama style? Now, I was considering a top 10 ways of how to follow it all but I've a feeling it'd be damn near impossible to avoid it. So, instead I've gone straight to the point and to the most important part of the ceremony, the part where the real difference is made – the merchandising.

Yes, what better way to celebrate the spirit of capitalism in the land of the free than by bringing you the Top 10 Barack Obama Novelty Gadgets…

Track Obama's inauguration day LIVE, thanks to everyone in America live-blogging like mad


We saw last month exactly how modern internet technology is kicking the hell out of traditional news media when it comes to on-the-spot reporting – and today’s the perfect day so see America EXPLODE in a sea of sickeningly patriotic citizen journalism.

Numerous dedicated Flickr groups have popped up to catalogue Obama’s special day, as people hanging around in Washington right at this very moment use up all their data allowance for January by uploading evocative photos of children waving flags live from the scene…

Spammers take advantage of Obama's inauguration


Later today, Barack Hussein Obama will be inaugurated as President of the United States, and thousands of spammers are using it an opportunity to.. well… do what they do best. Emails are circulating with subjects like “Barack Obama refused to be president of the USA” complete with links to phishing sites and viruses. Symantec warns of one in particular called W32.waledac.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened – the people who run these spam networks are well in-tune with current events and often use major holidays and other big world events as social engineering to get people to click links that they might normally be wise to. So be careful, you hear?

Symantec’s Warning (via TechRadar)

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