Stupid spammers attempt to fool Brits with "Postcode Lottery" win


giant-Spam-Can.jpgA number of email spammers couldn’t be bothered to do basic research on a British colloquialism, and tried to fool users into thinking they’d won a “Postcode Lottery”.

The email claims, “Winner We bring to your notice the winning letter from Nationale Postcode Lottery {United Kingdom Promotion Company} held on the 8th of May, 2008 through Internet ballot System among 10,000 Microsoft users.”

Of course it’s utter rubbish — even more ludicrous than being told in broken English that you’ve won the National Lottery — as most Brits would instantly know that “Postcode Lottery” is far from a good thing, and has nothing to do with winning money.

I can just imagine it. A lazy spammer decides to target people from the UK, searches Google for “lottery” and discovers the phrase “postcode lottery”. What a pillock.

Fortunately McAfee, who makes anti-virus software, saw right through it, as any self-respecting Brit should. Unfortunately, there are bound to be a few who fall for the scam.

(Via Web User)

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