Sky offers Sky+HD box for under fifty quid as satellite giant pushes high definition

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skyhdbox.jpgSky has decided that it’s time to get really aggressive when it comes to high definition in the UK, and to that end has slashed the price of its Sky+HD box to just £49. That’s a third of the price it was early last year (£150) and is the satellite broadcaster’s hope of getting many more subscribers hooked on pay-for-HD.

In fact, thanks to a lot of enticing marketing and the lure of a variety of sports, films and other content in high definition, Sky has just had its best quarter — in the three months to the end of December, 188,000 people signed up for high-def services, taking the total number of subscribers to nearly 800,000.

So what’s all the fuss about (apart from the fact that Sky charges a premium for high-def content)? Well, a recent survey by YouGov found that 96% of people are aware of HD TV and three-quarters want to watch their favourite programmes in HD quality.

Unfortunately, over two-fifths of the populace believe that all they need is a HD ready TV to watch in high definition, while 30% were given no advice from the retailer where they bought their TV on what other hardware would be needed.

Look out for a lot more marketing pizzazz from Sky in February as it launches a major new campaign aimed at educating the great British public. Don’t expect it to mention Freesat, though.

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