Apple forced to drop misleading iPhone ads

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iphone-3g-twice-as-fast.jpgTurns out that the 3G iPhone isn’t “really fast” after all. In fact, by saying so, Apple broke Advertising Standards Agency rules.The ASA upheld complaints by 17 people who said that their iPhone 3G was anything but fast, and that the TV advert had misled them.

The ad, if you’ve not seen it, goes on and on about how the iPhone 3G is ‘really fast’, and shows maps and news sites appearing in milliseconds. 3G’s good, but even in central London it’s not that good. Apple, therefore, will not be able to broadcast the advert again in its current state.

No word whether a new version of the ad will include 20-second ‘loading’ pauses and random Safari crashes.

ASA’s adjudication (via the Big British Castle)

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  • I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn’t really a news story in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much
    It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

  • Well I have seen that they had put up a little sign in small print at the bottom of the screen notifying viewers that certain things had missing steps etc, is that the only change they had to make ir is the add off the air, my question is what ever really works as advertised?

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