Vodafone Live Guy: Day 9 – Bristol

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Recognise this place? Apparently it’s in Bristol, somewhere round the Old Vic by the looks of things. Of course, in the time I’ve taken to write this, Live Guy’s now moved on to some big ferris wheel somewhere, so if you want to catch the man dishing out the free Dell netbooks then you’d best get over to his blog, follow him on Twitter and study his GPS trail.

No one’s found him today, so there’s still four prizes to be won. It might be something to do with all the hills around Bristol. Running’s far too difficult, in which case I suggest going over to the local constabulary and borrowing one of their new tasers. Zap Live Guy with 30,000 volts and shout loud enough that he’s Live Guy and you’re a Vodafone winner so that he can hear the phrase that pays above the sound of his own chattering teeth. Have fun.

Live Guy

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Daniel Sung
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