Dungeon Keeper ad is misleading, rules ASA

An advert for the Electronics Arts mobile app game Dungeon Keeper has been effectively banned by the UK's Advertissing Standards Authority after complaintss that it wasn't actually "free to play" at all. A complaint against EA over its advertising for…

Mobile phone company lied about "unlimited data", but that's OK says ASA


unlimited: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

It seems that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has a problem interpreting the standard dictionary definition of “unlimited”, because it has ruled in favour of a mobile phone company which used the word before “data” but really meant “250MB per month”.

Yes, it’s one of those words that should bring joy to the hearts of consumers (well, unless it precedes “torture” or “bills” or some other unpleasantness) — and yet so many tech-related companies abuse it mercilessly.

The ASA has already proved itself ineffectual in complaints against broadband providers who boast of “unlimited data plans” and yet cap or throttle users for breaking the obscure “fair use” policies…