Shiny Video Review: Sony Ericsson W980i

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In the above video, Lucy gets her hands on the rather-pretty Sony Ericsson W980i. It’s got decent music specs, decent camera specs and a nice interface. It doesn’t, of course, have a 3.5″ jack, because Sony want you to buy their expensive headphones, but it does come with a big-ass speaker on it – perfect for annoying otherwise-pleasant people on the bus.

The Sony Ericsson W980i is out now, and price will depend on contract.

Sony Ericsson W980i

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One thought on “Shiny Video Review: Sony Ericsson W980i

  • In regards to your w980 review the clearaudio technology is used in sony amplifiers and allsorts of other audio receivers and boasts a thx award for outstanding sound reproduction. The clearaudio will not sound as it should using the inbuilt speakers due to their frequency range and other shortfalls. Sony ericsson intend on you to take advantage of this technology using good headphones or plugging the phone into a good amp which explains the included audio cable. To review a product of this type you should be technically minded or atleast have some common sense. Inbuilt phone speakers will never sound good no matter how good the phone is at processing audio, please make sure you know what your talking about before trying to influence peoples opinions.

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