Shiny Video Review: Sony Ericsson W980i

In the above video, Lucy gets her hands on the rather-pretty Sony Ericsson W980i. It’s got decent music specs, decent camera specs and a nice interface. It doesn’t, of course, have a 3.5″ jack, because Sony want you to buy their expensive headphones, but it does come with a big-ass speaker on it – perfect for annoying otherwise-pleasant people on the bus.

The Sony Ericsson W980i is out now, and price will depend on contract.

Sony Ericsson W980i

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MWC 2008: Sony Ericsson handsets round-up

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The Mobile World Congress show has ended for another year, Stuart, Ashley and Susi are on flights home as we speak, and so it’s now time to look at all the major manufacturers’ new models.

Sony Ericsson announced the arrival of seven new handsets for the masses this week, the Xperia X1, G700, G900, C702, C902, Z770 and W980i phones. Here’s the CliffsNotes for each handset, from the left to right –

Z770 – HSDPA, push email, Google Maps, RSS reader, 2-megapixel camera, media player, can be used as modem via USB. Out mid-2008. See details here….