Sony Ericsson's G705 slider mobile phone announced

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g705.jpgAre you eagerly anticipating the Nokia N96? You might want to take a look at this little beauty from Sony Ericsson – it’s not too far removed, and comes with less of the annoying Nokia bloatware (# of apps installed by default on my phone: 18, # of those apps I’ve actually used: 5) that’s so prevalent on the lovely multimedia sliders they release.

The G705’s certainly got specs to rival the N96. It’s got a 2.4″ display with automatic screen-tilting via an accelerometer. It’s got WiFi and aGPS with Google Maps built in (not the rubbish Nokia Maps app). It’s got 120MB of internal and 1GB of card memory, and FM radio, RSS reader and a full HTML browser like the N95. It’s only got a 3.2MP camera, but it can upload video direct to YouTube thanks to a partnership with Google which also brings one-button Google searching – a feature that’s painfully absent on my N95.

Speaking of painfully absent, there’s no 3.5″ headphone jack. I’m going to keep harping on about these incredibly important connectors until they start coming by default. If tiny MP3 players can fit them in, then so can my phone. I don’t want your crappy proprietary connectors, or your awful awful bundled headphones, or anything I like that – I just want to plug my lovely comfortable silicon earbuds in. Then I might actually use some of the music features on your device.

This phone will be available in “certain markets” from Q4 of this year. No word as to whether that includes the UK or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Oh, and it might even come with MeToo™ functionality, if you’re especially lucky. Price will depend on the contract you get it with.

G705 (via Techmeme)

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