Zunes for Democrats and Republicans

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democrat-zunes.pngJust to rub it in your face that you can’t get a Zune in the UK yet, and following the Joy Division Zune, the team at Microsoft behind the world’s third favourite MP3 player have launched some special-edition Zunes for “Green Delegates” at the USA’s Democratic national convention. These are delegations who “demonstrate the highest level of commitment to offsetting their carbon footprint from attending the convention”.

The Republicans get one too, as you’ll see just over the jump. Theirs isn’t as pretty, which is obviously political bias all the way to the core of the Zune team. Not sure who’ll be getting those ones, but it still says a bunch of stuff about the environment on it, so it won’t be Senator Inhofe. Oh, and before you ask, I’ve no idea what the things on the right are – cases, maybe?


The Green Delegate Challenge (via BoingBoing)

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Duncan Geere
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