Inauguration 2.0 – Presidents' speeches broken down into tag clouds


You can tell it’s the 21st Century. The good folks over at ReadWriteWeb have broken down the full text of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech yesterday into a tag cloud using The results are interesting – “nation” and “new” come out on top. Click for embiggening.

Just for fun, they’ve also analysed the speeches of Bush in 2005, Clinton in 1999, Reagan in 1981 and Lincoln in 1861 and 1865. You can see the clouds after the jump, but it’s quite interesting to see how much Bush relied on the word ‘freedom’ Reagan on ‘government’ and Lincoln on ‘constitution’ first, and then ‘war’.

Zunes for Democrats and Republicans


Just to rub it in your face that you can’t get a Zune in the UK yet, and following the Joy Division Zune, the team at Microsoft behind the world’s third favourite MP3 player have launched some special-edition Zunes for “Green Delegates” at the USA’s Democratic national convention. These are delegations who “demonstrate the highest level of commitment to offsetting their carbon footprint from attending the convention”…