Olympic flash drives don't make up for your lack of sporting ability. Sorry.


Back in the days of Chairman Mao, China was really not big on capitalism and sneered at what it saw as the decadent west chucking its money around on pointless consumerism. Things have changed now though, and China is a total sell-out. It’s like they’re the band who were in it for the music but at the first whiff of cash signed to a major record label and slapped its logo on everything in order to score some cash. Sure, the band doesn’t have any principles, but at least it’s making a lot of money and can buy lots of nice things because of it.

The Olympics is proving even more lucrative for China, with Lenovo producing a line of… Olympic-themed flash drives.

beijing_olympics_torch_3.jpgFor $29, you can get your hands on a 4GB flashdrive sporting a picture of one of the five official stereotype-perpetuating Beijing Olympic Mascots or you can get a titanium version for what will obviously be a much higher price.

If you want something even cooler though, for $142 you can buy yourself a 4GB flashdrive shaped like and made out of the same materials as the official Olympic torch – pretty much the perfect size too if you want to recreate recent history using Athlete Action Man and Tibetan Activist Barbie.

beijing_olympics_titanium_2.jpgLenovo have also produced some medallions featuring the mascots. There’s no word on whether they actually contain USB storage, but they’ve already sold out so it isn’t like it matters.

Rumours are also swirling around that the Olympics is also a sporting event and not just a brand – though given the evidence, I find this hard to believe.

(via Wired)

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