Motorola Atila goes after the iPhone 3G

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motorola-atila.jpgSo, the Alexander wasn’t the iPhone killer we’d all been expecting – it was more of a BlackBerry buddy – but now it looks as if Motorola has other plans for the Jobs 2001 in the form of the Motorola Atila.

It has the same squashed PEBL look as the Alexander, sans QWERTY keyboard, and although it’s all touchscreen, you still have to deal with Windows Mobile 6.1 with none of the user friendly added touches of the HTC Diamond.

It measures 109mm x 80mm x 13.75mm, which makes it quite big really, but it does come with both HSDPA and HSUPA support and a 2.8″ QVGA TFT screen that you can stare at while waiting for people to call you.

It’ll probably have some kind of GPS and a camera that had better be over 2.0-megaweasels or it’ll get laughed off the shelf. If Motorola is really on their game they’ll give it more than the Diamond’s 3.2 but they’re generally not and they probably won’t.

No dates or prices, of course, and no interest as far as I’m concerned. What does it offer that better looking, more user-friendly handsets don’t but then maybe they didn’t mention that it comes with some free stickers?

(via Trusted Reviews)

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