Ionic Ashtray – something to make smokers think that they and their property don't stink

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I’m not sure how many people allow smoking in their houses these days. I rather feel like since the smoking ban came in that lighting up indoors has all the social grace of curling one off on someone’s coffee table, but then I don’t smoke.

If I did, I’d probably consider investing in the Ionic Ashtray which is essentially an ashtray holder with a mini extractor fan of sorts and the whole contraption rather comes off like a the kind of device a midget might get a blue rinse set in.

It’s made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS – a plastic to you and I) and it works by turning the smoke into negatively charged ions which are then attracted to the positively charged hood where they are are trapped and therefore removed from your Glade Plug-in fresh atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the science explanation stops dead there. There are no filters involved, so don’t all the smoke particles end up in some filthy black layer of tar lining the inside of the dome? No one cares to mention this but I wouldn’t be surprised if a substance that passes for pure evil starts dripping out of the machine after a year of use.

All this aside, the major oversight of this invention, for me, is that it’s all well and good while you’re resting your fag in the tray (Americans laugh here) but what happens to all the smoke that you actually breathe out, you know, like most of it? Who cares about the small amount you stop when the rest of your pad still stinks like the back of a 1980s aeroplane?

If you are still interested in purchasing the Ionic Ashtray, it’ll cost you $19.99 plus some kind of god awful transatlantic postage and it requires four AA batteries to work, or not work as the case may be.

Ionic Ashtray (via the design blog)

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