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As you’re probably well aware, there’s a lot of crazy people out there making bizarre USB peripherals for the insatiable Japanese market. Well, now you too can get your hands on these plastic masterpieces thanks to Brando. There’s a wide selection of products on the site, not least of which is this USB ashtray. Which comes to us, of course, in the shape of a car. You have to wonder if the designers don’t just draw the first thing that comes into their heads. Either way, it works for us. Who wouldn’t want an smoke-free ashtray-stroke-automobile? And we don’t even smoke. It makes a bit more sense when you discover that the company also supplies an in-car cigarette adapter to plug it in on the move. Of course, then you won’t be able to light your cigarette. Also, we suspect it’s safer – and just as stink-free – to just flick your ash out the window rather than trying to aim for a small ash tray. But these are minor quibbles..

$22 from Brando

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