Will there be a Sony Ericsson Bravia mobile phone?

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sony-ericsson-bravia.jpgI just read a rather interesting little piece over on Tech Radar about the idea of Sony Bravia mobile phones which seems rather in keeping given the two HDTVs released a earlier today.

The relationship between Sony Ericsson and plain old Sony is a little confusing from the outside but obviously there’s different people working in the companies, even if they are both under the same umbrella. Sony’s obviously traditionally a more established, quality brand than the mobile branch but the borrowing of the odd product name has done Sony Ericsson the power of good in the last few years.

Both Walkman and Cyber-shot have added some very marketable music and photographic credentials to handsets and now the President of Sony Ericsson India, Arun Seth, is suggesting that the Bravia name will be the next to cross over to provide some HD screen power. He said:

“In Japan, we have already integrated the Bravia brand in the handset business and with time we will do that in India too.”

Now, I’ve got to confess, I didn’t know they had that going on in Japan already, but then that’s no surprise given their passion and advancement in handsets and the availability of TV phones in the East.

So, if Seth thinks Bravia will be traveling to India, does that mean it’ll do the same trick in Europe or the US? The suggestion on Tech Radar is that Sony has regretted giving these brand names over so easily and that the possibility of a PSP mobile adds weight to the fact that they’ve given SE enough help already but I’m not so sure.

Even if consumers aren’t going to be watching live TV on their phones, there’s still a lot to be gained from the clearer image that Bravia technology – or the apparent presence of – could bring to a handset and that’s a serious weapon against the likes of the iPhone.

Apple did what it’s good at and added design and computer technology to mobile phones. Why shouldn’t Sony do the same, even if they’re planning two tiers of handsets – the lower end Sony Ericssons and the luxury buy, straight Sonys?

Hard to tell, but either way, I’ll put money on being able to hold a Bravia in your hand in the not too distant future under whatever banner it may come.

(via Tech Radar)

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