Maplin launches lightweight seven-inch Minibook

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Maplin has entered the tiny notebook PC market, announcing its Minibook PC with a seven inch TFT widescreen and weighing in at 650 grams.

It runs Linux, has three USB 2.0 ports, stereo speakers and microphone, mouse pad, Xip Office software, SDHC reader, Ethernet, 2GB SSD storage, a “multi-theme display” for use by kids or adults (I’ve no idea), but only 128MB of memory.

For the balmy month of August, it’s available for £169.99, but from 2nd September it’ll cost £219.99.

As you can see from the Dell pencil in the image above, it’s a little smaller than the rumoured Dell E, though we have a sneaky suspicion the pencil has been working out since that photo was taken, so may not be an accurate measurement of the Minibook’s true size.

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Andy Merrett
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  • if you bought one of these be warned! you will not easly get your money back,from maplin they say as its a memory product, we are not under any obligation to give refund, make sure it’s what you want, its only have 128k cache memory, unknow 32bit cpu is very slugish sometimes its takes longer to boot up than my home made pc? with hard drive. application running under linux, are bit naf, also look at the asus before parting with your cash. according to maplin any product with memory, being purchased, you will have hard time getting your money back……….

    • Interesting. I’ve had a few problems with Maplin in the past, which doesn’t rule them out as somewhere to buy gear from, but they’re not my first choice.

      We had a chat about the Minibook, and all thought it wasn’t a particularly decent spec. Might save some money but likely to regret it later.

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