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keyboard-with-wings.jpgWhat do you get if you cross a Nintendo DS and a cheap, tacky looking keyboard? If you’re unlucky, you get the “Ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Notebook Computer”. What a name.

The concept’s quite cool – it looks like a normal laptop when closed, but when you open it, you can split the keyboard in two to reveal a second screen, and presumably a whole lot of crumbs and other general ickiness. The second screen can then be used as a touchscreen for any supporting applications.

I can think of several applications for this, but most of them involve graphic design of some sort, and I’m sure that none of the designers I know would be caught dead with something that looks like this. That said, when the competition looks like this, designers don’t have a lot of choice, so might just stick with their seperate tablets.

This design isn’t available yet – the makers are shopping it around to OEMs, and if you’re interested, I’m sure they’d happily sell you the patents involved.

Electronic Keyboards, Inc

(via Engadget)

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Duncan Geere
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  • If they could port DS games to it (it has a touch screen in the right place and everything), it’d be pretty cool. A bigger, chunkier DS with Windows. 🙂

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